Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wee 10

I wish Every one Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Bating And Eidilfir Mubarak and 

May Allah bless you and the days to come.

Best Regards,
Mahdieh Molaei Tehrani

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 8

On 31/07/2012 we did have a session that we supposed to do presentation regarding

 the knowledge Management Transfer and Me and my groupmate Ain presented the

serial transfer and we did put the example of Ronaldo.

Serial Transfer is a first and basic of knowledge transfer which leveraged from one

work (team) to a very similar work team in another similar work setting.

As you may see in picture bellow the task situation of Serial Transfer is different and

the nature of task is same. Also the type of knowledge is Tacit + Explicit.

The example activities to transfer knowledge is brainstorming that  encourage thinking

about ways to eliminate the causes.

Here is our presentation slides with example that helps t better understand about

Serial Transfer.

Serial Transfer Presentation

I do hope that by reading these slides you already know about the Serial Transfer.

Thank you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 6

Visit To Istana Negara Lama, Pameran Raja Kita

On Friday 20/07/2012, We had a visit to Istana Negara Lama, Pameran Raja Kita

which was located at Jalan Istana and we had a arrangement by Mdm.Azmawati that

she brought us by bus from MMU at 9:45 a.m. in the morning that we traveld to 

Istana Negara Lama and this visit was about to learn about the Tacit and Explicit.

 "Everyone Waiting At The Main Entrance"

" The Palace Of Istana Negara Lama"

Our visit started at 10 a.m and we entered to main hall which was all collection 

about biography of SPB YDP Agong and SPB Raja Permaisuri Agong 

Tuanku Hajah Haminah binti Hamidun and on the wall was all the picture

from the first king until now.

 " The Main Entrance Of Pameran Raja Kita"

" Picture Of All Kings Until Now"

 " The Ruler's Seas-Made 1949"
Official Attire Of Crown Prince From Kedah"

"The Royal Tiara & The Royal Necklace"

 " The Sitting Place f King & Queen"

So about the Tacit and Explicit in Pameran Raja Kita is as bellow:

Tacit : Because of our visiting and experincing of visitng the Pameran Raja Kita

and unwritten and hidden vast storehouse of knwledge hel by practically every

normal human being, base on experiences, insights,intuition, observation and

internalized information

Tacit Knowledge is integral to the entirely of a person's consciousness, is acquired

largely through association with otherpeople, and other recuires joint or shared activities

 to be imported from on to another.

Explicit : Base on our visit to Pameran Raja Kita, all the document there

which was recorded digitally and they had all the information from Pameran

Raja Kita which were documented by words and musical nations.

" Explicit Example"

So, Here is all about our visit to Pameran Raja Kita and we enjoyed the visiting and

we made a very nice and sweet memory for our class.

 "At the End We Took a Photo"

I hope by reading my blog can understand about the Tacit & Explicit knowledge

from Pameran Raja Kita. and I would like to give special thank to Mdm.Azmawati

for this worthy trip to help us to understand better about Tacit and Explicit Knowledge.

Thank you !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week Five


Good Day Everyone!

Today I submitted my abstracts for the 2012 6th International Conference 

on Distance Learning and Education in Hong Kong. So I've selected the

topic about Open & E-learning Technological Issues and under this topic 

I wrote my first abstract about Interactive E-learning System and my other

abstract I wrote about Mobile Learning. After I've submitted my abstracts

I've received the email from Mdm. Azmawati to proceed as a full paper.

So I'm trying my best to write a good paper and going through to the 

conference as well.

I would like to give special thank to Mdm. Azmawati for encourage us 

to do this paper and make us to learn and gain our knowledge.

For more information, you may refer to the conference link and get the

info from there.


Thank You!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week Four

Hello Everyone!

On 3/07/2012 we had the Game session about "Tacit" and "Explicit" and we divided 

to two groups boys and girls. The duty for girls was to present about the "Tacit" and 

we presented how Nasi Lemak will wrap in banana leaf and "Tacit"  is more about 

experiencing and boys supposed to present their own game about "Explicit" which is

about documenting.

In the beginning of the class Tieka and Hyat presented their own title which was about

"Economic Drivers" and also Ope and Manswr presented their own presentation their

own title.

"Tieka & Hyat presenting  about Economic Drivers"

"Ope & Manswar presenting their own title"

We had a very little guess that joined our class with his father (Bashir) and it was very

fun with him during our game session.

"Our little Guest Faruk"

So about our game presenting "How to wrap Nasi Lemak in banana leaf", We presented

the traditional experience on how Nasi Lemak is wrapping in banana leaf.

Our materials for our game were : Banana Leaf, Plain Rice, Bean, Cucumber, Chili 

Sambal Sauce,Boiled Egg and Dried Fried Fish.

As I've been to so many mamak restaurant they are wrapping nasi lemak on  brown 

paper and They do not wrap it on banana leaf as a traditional way.

 "Banana Leaf"
"Chili Sauce"
"Boiled Egg"

The definition about the Tacit Knowledge is the kind of knowledge which is difficult to 

transfer to another person by means o writing it down or verbalizing it. While the tacit 

knowledge appears to be simple, it has far reaching consequences and is not widely 


For example in our game about wrapping nasi lemak in banana leaf. everyone learn 

about how can wrap the nasi lemak in banana leaf.

"Put rice on banana leaf"
"Put bean, chili sauce, cucumber and egg together"
"Wrapping both side together"
"Final step of wrapping Nasi Lemak"

"Everyone listening to Kak.Ain about the wrapping of nasi lemak"

As you may see all the steps that the traditional way of wrapping Nasi Lemak you will be 

able to wrap Nasi Lemak on you own.

So after teaching about the wrapping Nasi Lemak we asked guys to wrap their own Nasi 

Lemak and it was god to see whether they already learned or not!

"Guys trying to wrap their own nasi lemak"
"Guys trying to wrap their own nasi lemak"

 So here is all about traditional experience of wrapping nasi lemak.

After that guys presented their "Explicit Game" about Body Language Game and their

"Body Language Game"  was about  two teams played separately, With one player

standing behind a podium, and the other in the acting area in front of it. In each

turn, the teammate serving as "actor" and  we had 60 seconds to get the answer as

many of five words or phrases as possible.

To define the "Explicit knowledge" there is knowledge that has been articulated and

stored in certain media.

You may see the example of showing Tacit and Explicit here :

At the end of our class Mdm.Azmawati gave the "Dragon Fruit" to guys and she

explained in the way how gonna be the Tacit and Explicit with this dragon fruit and

she said the way we are eating this fruit in our own experience will be tacit but the

way that like how they want to make this fruit blending or using other way will be


"Dragon Fruit"
"Class listening to Mdm.Azmawati"
"Mdm.Azmawati teaching the Tacit and Explicit Through Dragon Fruit"

"SECI Model for Tacit & Explicit"

The Ilkujiro and Hirotaka Takeuchi propose a model of the knowledge

creating process to understand the dynamic nature of knowledge creation

and to manage such a process effectively. 

Here is all about Tacit and Explicit knowledge and the way how we learned these two

from our own game.

I hope you all enjoyed and learned about it!

Thank you!